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Kitengela town is rapidly expanding as an investment spot. Some of the things that make it attractive are Konza city, we also have over 10 universities and several banks that are setting up their branches in these fast expanding town.

We at Kitengela are happy to be at the centre of this expansion. We have title ready plots for those who may want to relocate away from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi.
Plot prices in Kitengela range from Ksh.595,000 for residential and Ksh.945.000 for commercial

Facts About Kitengela

Kitengela town is located in Kajiado County just 30 kilometers south of Nairobi. The town is part of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area. Kitengela has an urban population of 8378 [2]

Near Kitengela town is the Maasai Ostrich Park, a fairly popular tourist destination 7 km off the Nairobi – Arusha road. It is also a place where Jockeys train for Ostrich racing [3]. Ostrich races are held at the farm on Sundays and occasionally at the Ngong Racecourse in Nairobi.

Kitengela is close to Athi River town in Machakos County in the former Eastern Province, while Kitengela belongs to Kajiado County in the former Rift Valley Province. Kitengela is growing quickly and is expanding with residential houses.


It’s now official!!!!- land prices have from Jan 2008 to Dec 2014 gone up by up to 10 times in some areas of Nairobi and its environs, according to Hans Consult Survey of Property prices for 2014.

With the population expected to keep growing and expansion of the members of Kenyan middle income earners, the demand for land will continue to increase against the fixed land supply, raising prices further.

Hence it pays to buy land- for investment, housing and even speculation.
There are a variety of ways to acquire- cash with discounts, planned installments (up to 12 no.) and finance assisted (loan).

Get your plot now, watch it appreciate ………………… MTU NI PLOT!!!!!! YAKO IKO WAPI?????

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