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When a property owner wants to sell their property they must outline the terms of agreement.

A good contract should contain a copy of title or title number, the area of interest or the date which the agreement of sale was made or is to be made.

It should contain names of both parties and the title by which you refer him or her throughout the contract such as buyer or seller

Specify who owns the personal property i.e. clarify whether any personal property is included in the sale.

Describe rules if any affecting what the owner can and cannot do with a property often resulting from an agreement among residents of a specific neighborhood.

Also define terms of payment, state when the payment will start and when they will end and the penalties that will be in case one party fail to adhere to the contract terms.

Lastly a contract is not a contract if the involved parties fail to sign, so ensure the contract is signed if possible involve a witness or witnesses.

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