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RAFIKI DTM BANK LIMITED – 16TH DECEMBER 2014 EAST AFRICA CHAMA AWARDS SPEECH – AT SAFARI PARK HOTEL Ladies & Gentlemen, all protocols observed. Hamjamboni marafiki , Wanavyama na wateja wote wa Rafiki DTM Bank Ltd Ndatani Enterprises Co. Ltd is a 20 year old real estate company, which pioneered the usage of land blocks pending sub division as security for plot loans as a first step in housing development.   Our core function is to buy chunks of land, sub divide them and put basic infrastructure – roads, water, power, perimeter walls etc, then offer the same for sale to purchasers. Our client’s objectives in plot purchase are housing, investment, speculation and intrinsic value in land, detailed thus:- 1)         Housing – Many buy a plot then do a step-by-step house construction, Kenyan style i.e. foundation, walling, roofing, shutting & finishes gradually. Per Business Daily of yesterday, page 1the growth of urban populations is estimated to be:

  • 2014 – 12M i.e.- 30% of 40M total population.
  • 2030 – 30M i.e. – 50% of 60M
  • 2045 – 53M i.e.- 65%  of 80M

We need land for the urban housing starting with the resource a plot. 2)         Investment –  For many, a plot is the first asset which appreciates rapidly and is used to hold wealth pending other usages e.g. for last 10 years:- Embakasi                              Kitengela                           Isinya 2004              Kshs.50,000                          Kshs.60,000                       Kshs.5,000 2014                Kshs.1,250,000                     Kshs.1,500,000                Kshs.500,000 Four investment plots bought over time in any area, if sold at a go will normally afford a decent house in the area.   3)         Speculation – A number of people buy now, to sell later watching the prices. In 2008 to 2012, some plot prices would actually double between 12 months durations.   4)         Intrinsic Value – land for its sake – Per KTN Jamuhuri stories of 8th December 2014, the dying MAU MAU fighters, upon being fatally shot would grab a handful of soil to die holding. The independence fight could have been more for land than self -rule!!!! Kenyans still hold land dearly. Rafiki has made it easy to:- a)          Buy plot – by giving up to 70% plots finance. b)         Buy plot then build immediately-  by giving 90% finance for the two activities. Ndatani Ent. Co. Ltd makes it easier by giving our title as security for the Rafiki loans.   Unity is power & prosperity – let’s grow our chamas for synergy and individual growth. Remember, Transcentury was once a Chama but is now big investment force in Africa – in less than 20 years! Copy them.   Mtu ni plot, get yours for x-mas. Lest the council or your clan forces you in to a 6 x 2 ft plot upon your expiry without a plot. You can get this speech from our website – – MERRY X-MAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

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