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It’s quite evident that land around major towns in Kenya are appreciating in value rapidly. For instance a plot that cost Kshs 150,000 in Kitengela 10 years ago is selling for around Kshs 1.5M, ten times of the cost then! On the other hand, many insurance companies in the country are advocating for education policies for our small children, whose cheapest premiums are in the range of Kshs 7,000 per month.

This article highlights some of the reasons why you should acquire a plot instead of an education policy for your child’s education.

  1. Cost – From the above scenario, the total premiums paid out in 10 years is around Kshs 840,000 for the education policy. The same amount can get you 2 or 3 plots in Isinya today, which shall have appreciated enormously by the 10th year.
  1. Guarantee – Once you purchase land from genuine sellers, and get a clean title deed to the property then you become the absolute owner of that property. This might not be case with insurance companies as some claims might not be paid.
  1. Flexibility – A piece of land can finance the fees of several siblings unlike the education policies where only covered parties are entitled to the benefits. It can also be utilized in many ways to generate short term or long term income. For example: Agribusiness, construction of rental/commercial facilities whether temporary or permanent and can still secure huge loans with the deed as a collateral, among others.
  1. Maturity – Liquidating a plot is immediate unlike cash insurance policy that matures after around 15 years. Whenever you need school fees you simply sell the plot or you consult Ndatani Ent. Co ltd to sell it on your behalf.edu2
  1. Payment mode – Onetime payment for agreed period not monthly premiums for life time.
  1. Liquidation – is at your wish, without risk of loss or hidden deductions, no more headaches in processing claims.
  1. Future Value – Last but not the least, buying land is more of an investment than saving. On an average the inflation in Kenya is hovering around 5.5% to 12.5% per annum, translating to even higher school fees in the next decade. So matching inflation itself is difficult leave aside beating it, this is the reason why proper investment planning is required. The money in savings gets jarred and tattered and succumbs to lower valuations due to inflation.

Moreover, your children will feel secured growing up as there is a definite way to cover up their future expenses for education and living. By investing in land, we can ensure the safety of our money and earn good returns. This will leave our children financially secure.

The plot is your insurance and the best valuable education policy which will take over all your future risks.

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