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Building a house offers homeowners the chance to make their dream homes as well as the flexibility to decide on the size of the house, number of rooms, interior and exteriors, landscaping and much more. You also have the total control over the features and materials used on the construction which is an advantage for homeowners seeking to uses environmentally friendly and energy efficient feature for their homes.

However, building a home can be stressful, time consuming, expensive as well as disheartening with unexpected costs forcing the owner to pay extra for unplanned expenses. This is the major reason why Ndatani came in to ease home construction for clients who do not have the time and resources to manage over their home building.

With a certified professional team of Architects, contractors, Quantity surveyor and suppliers, we have the capacity to produce the client’s dream home in the shortest time possible within their budget and cash flow.

Once we settle on a realistic budget with our clients, we identify the costs related to a particular layout before settling on a house plan. We work out within that budget being as realistic as possible.

We have two modes of construction

  1. Cash

As aforementioned, this applies in a case where the client has enough resources at disposal to fund the construction one off but due to other factors he/she is unable to initiate and supervise the construction up to completion. This occurs mostly with people working far from their preffered construction areas, people in the diaspora and those whose nature of work offers very little time for other activities.

In this case, we have the capacity to complete their homes in 3-4months.

  1. Installments

In this case, we construct in phases based on the cash flow of the client example below. Costs might change depending on several factors.

a. Bungalow phase construction

b. Maisonnette Phase Construction

Below are examples of some houses we’ve done so far for our clients..

Bank financing can also be worked out. Welcome!


  1. Good job,wish to see the one for Isinya.
    Do you buy land also?

  2. pls confirm pricing for the syokimau land and when it can be viewed

    1. Syokimau is going for 2.6Million, viewing done daily

  3. how much is a bungalow like the one pictured above this comment space? how much for 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, ?

  4. tel me something about bank financing

  5. Hi if I have a plot and I want you to build house for me what’s the procedure ?

  6. i saw an advert on TV for Ndatani diaspora plots.Do you accept installments payment

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