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Ndatani, the best real estate company in Kenya for 20 years will have representatives at Diaspora Investment Expo Uk 2015, United Kingdom on June 26th – 28th 2015 at Holiday Inn London Kensington. Visit our stand or invite your diaspora contacts to buy with 2.5% commission to you!!!

Once a Kenyan, always a Kenyan! We are determined to serve all Kenyans wherever they are in the world. Customer satisfaction is our biggest obligation.

Our current plots price start from Ksh 345,000 (Unserviced) for (50 x 100) at Isinya/Konza road whereby in the neighbourhood some serviced plots are going for Ksh 900,000. Its the place to be in 3 years!!!

The buying procedure is as follows:

1. Choosing general area of interest

1. Plot viewing actual plots

2. Search to confirm its our property

3. Draft agreement by the parties lawyers

4. Payments.

5. Transfers to your name.

6. Search to confirm tittle is yours.

We look forward to see & serve you there.


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