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With annual investment returns of over 25% within a span of 5 years – compared to other asset classes like stocks and bonds which yielded roughly 12% per annum within the same period, investors say Kenyan real estate is foolproof while others say it’s growing based on speculation. So, is it boom or burst?

Let’s start with the basics; Africa is the only continent growing at a rate of 5 – 7% in the foreseeable future. Africa has three centers of growth namely; Western, southern and eastern Africa, the most diversified being the latter. Kenya happens to be the jewel in East Africa in terms of investment opportunities and growth.

The Kenyan real estate hasn’t experienced downs, rather a slowing down on the rates of growth. For a burst to happen, there has to be a heavily borrowing real estate sector like what happened with the U.S financial market. Apparently Kenyan real estate market is mostly based on cash since borrowing has never been easy thus making the scenario of a burst an impossibility in the current state.

According to research, the biggest gap in Kenyan real estate is at the bottom of the pyramid, which happens to be the position of most Kenyans in terms of purchasing power. This explains why most people are buying plots in the suburbs of Nairobi like Athiriver, Kitengela, Rongai e.t.c where they can get low cost land and construct in affordable phases. With the country’s population expected to double by 2030, there’s no doubt demand in real estate will always be there.

With plots ranging from Kshs. 495,000 and flexible payment options, Ndatani Enterprises is making the dreams of the middle and low class Kenyans come true by providing the first resource which is the Land itself, and on top, construction for individuals in phases and at very affordable rates.

Author: Marsden Mulei

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