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Where and when to invest has been a big bother to many in all aspects of life. No one wants to lose money or to invest where he/she won’t get the money back. Many people have been trapped in investment trap. There are two major ways of becoming wealthy. Using;

  1. Other Peoples Money (OPM)
  2. Other Peoples Time(OPT)

Other Peoples Money (OPM) This is the best approach of all ways to grow financially. For instance, when you borrow money from bank, sacco, or any other source to invest, you are using other peoples money to grow financially. Now where you invest this kind of money is what matters. The best investment that I can recommend is investing in real estate. Why? Maybe you are aware of the concepts of supply, demand and market equilibrium. It’s the combination of these forces that determine how much of a good or service is produced and consumed in an economy and at what price. These steady-state levels are referred to as the equilibrium price and quantity in a market. In the case of real estate, the core thing here is land. The supply of land is constant since its not manufactured any where in the globe. The demand is rising rapidly since the world population is growing at a fast rate, hence price continuously rise. This is to say, a profit in real estate investment is guaranteed.

Other Peoples Time(OPT) This is where you utilize experts in certain field to have a piece of work or service done so well to guarantee more value, hence more money.   I here by encourage you to invest wisely. Invest in real estate.


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