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Land trade has been the elite point of businesses over the past 10 years with accompanied high cases of brawls and disputes for the inexperienced ones. To be on the safe side of the fence our company has hinted several points to safe your hard earned money.

Its always wise to consult professionals to immerse yourself in the details of your purchase. There are many experts available to guide you through the purchase process. Never leave yourself open to costly and unpleasant surprises – always consult a professional in Ndatani Enterprises. We are well versed in every aspect of land acquisition.


ALWAYS… Discuss the availability of owner financing. Our company has partnered with your bank,the banks can arrange proprietary financing to help you land your dream property.

ALWAYS… Ask for a recent survey. The more recent the survey, the more accurate and reliable it will be.  In addition, a property should always be marked for your inspection.

ALWAYS… Insist on reasonable access. Frontage on a state, town, country, or private road is desirable.

ALWAYS… Require a warranty deed. You cannot buy better protection than a warranty deed.

ALWAYS… When a warranty deed is unavailable, title insurance is a must.

ALWAYS… Establish a good working relationship with your seller. Deal only with a seller you can trust. And by that we advise you to visit our offices at Nextgen Mall 6th Floor or

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