1.Where are Ndatani Offices Located?

Our offices are at Nextgen Mall 6th, along Mombasa road next to Eka Hotel.

2.What is the price range of your Plots?

Our plots range from Ksh.495,000 upwards

3.Do you sell to Kenyans in the Diaspora?

Yes we do sell plots to Kenyans in the diaspora, in fact we have started the process setting up overseas agents who sell on our behalf. Right now we have agents in Dubai who sell to Kenyans there.We have also participated in several overseas Expos, from the United States to Europe( UK, Italy etc)

4.How much do you charge for viewing of the plots?

We do not charge to view our plots. However the client will only foot their transport to the plot location

5.What steps should I take after confirming intent to purchase a plot from Ndatani?

– Do a Search at the Lands Ministry
– Ndatani to write an offer letter
– Pay and sign the offer letter
– Get a lawyer to write Agreement
– After completion of payment Ndatani will transfer the title to your name
– Finally you become the proud owner of the plot

6. Do you accept installment Payments?

We accept installment payments up to 12 months and charge interest from the 4th month.

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