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Demand for good quality accommodation in prime areas is driven by expatriates, primarily from oil & gas/energy companies, banks and financial institutions sector, diplomatic missions, and aid agencies. In addition, Diasporas have been driving demand up to some extent in Kenya. This has led to a stagnation of development projects, particularly in the mid-market segment. High-end residential property sales remain largely unaffected. Recognizing the need for housing in the low- and mid-market segments, national governments have been making efforts to provide affordable low-cost housing by allowing higher densities within cities and opening up new nodes in the outskirts.

Although, high construction and finance costs are a barrier: The high mark-up on costs is usually the difference between purchase price and transportation costs. Moreover, the lack of easy access to finance, and the high mortgage lending rates has resulted in a stagnating market for home ownership. Furthermore, the poor quality of construction in commercial as well as residential space has resulted in lesser take-up of such properties, leading to dead supply stock in the market.

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