After 25 years of existence, we are very proud of both our progress and the recent major milestones we have achieved, that has allowed us to position ourselves as a regions most sought after Real Estate Company at the forefront of providing low cost housing, affordable plots and acre blocks as per the countries agenda four initiative

Our major priority is to help curb the over 200,000 annual deficit housing units in the country, and help the Government achieve its 2030 vision in the housing sector of realizing its dream of a decently housed Nation by 2030 in a sustainable manner both to the stakeholders and shareholders. We intend to achieve this by providing affordable plots and acre plots which can be acquired through cash , arranged installments and bank finance solutions.

None of this would be possible without the combination of the individual talents within our Company and the extraordinary customers who have been our pillars over the years. Our partners in the banking sectors have also played a key role in making sure that finances have been released on time. We share with them the same passion, the same goal in knowing that every Kenyan will have a place to call home.

Finally, we will continue to create value and enable our customers to share our vision of property ownership for the benefit of their loved ones and future generations to come

#MtuNiPlot , #MtuNiNyumba

C.P.A, Alex Muema Muthengi


Ndatani Enterprises Company Limited


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