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Owning a piece of land or property has perhaps been the most demanded but difficult proposition for some time now in Kenya. This is partly due to the lack of trust between the two parties in real estate, vendor and purchaser. But now it’s very easy to own one greatly influenced by the gruesome need […]

It was late afternoon in Faidika Village in Isinya Kajiado County, the evening sun struggling to radiate the remaining heat with all its might. Sitting on a concrete approach road outside her house, Wambui, with her youngest son, was trying to make the best use of the dying warmth of the sun. Seeing visitors approach, […]

Land trade has been the elite point of businesses over the past 10 years with accompanied high cases of brawls and disputes for the inexperienced ones. To be on the safe side of the fence our company has hinted several points to safe your hard earned money. Its always wise to consult professionals to immerse […]

Ndatani Enterprises Co. Ltd, wishes to share with you this VALENTINES SPECIAL OFFER on our serviced titled plots at lovely discounts of 20% for cash buyers, 14% for installments and 14% for financed buyers. Offer runs up to 28th February 2017. Prizes – Book a plot with 14% before 28.02.2017 and enter into a draw where you […]

It’s quite evident that land around major towns in Kenya are appreciating in value rapidly. For instance a plot that cost Kshs 150,000 in Kitengela 10 years ago is selling for around Kshs 1.5M, ten times of the cost then! On the other hand, many insurance companies in the country are advocating for education policies […]

Real estate is usually held as part of a larger portfolio, and is generally considered an alternative investment class. Real estate fits well as part of a portfolio because it has several qualities that can enhance the return of a larger portfolio, or reduce portfolio risk at the same level of return. Benefits of real […]


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