About Us

About Us

Ndatani Enterprises Company Ltd is a company of dedicated professionals that was formed in 1995 with an aim to fill the gap in the real estate sector. With our highly skilled & experienced team, we always stand behind our commitment to the highest levels of customer service. Ndatani Enterprises Company Ltd has uniquely positioned itself to become a leading provider of affordable housing in the region.

Through the much-coveted spirit of honesty and diligence from our employees, the company has gained and nurtured the extraordinary reputation by tapping into the utilities of efficiency and effectiveness.

We are an equal opportunity organization and every employee is given the opportunity to grow and learn in an environment that is conducive for growth. This approach gives our organization an invaluable depth and breadths, helping us provide clients with a broad range of perspectives, ideas and capabilities of extensive experience.

Over the last 20 years, we have delivered real estate solutions to over 5000 happy clients, many of them repeat customers.

We have participated in various expos i.e. Kenya Home Expo, Mombasa Expo, and Italy Expo since 2006 and being graded as the best exhibitor in the real estate category in the 2007 Kenya Homes Expo held at K.I.C.C. We also organize our own exhibitions.

We look forward to helping the nation meet the 200,000 annual deficits in housing supply across the country by providing the first resource-titled land.

Vision Statement

  • To be among the premier and the regional leader in offering affordable and decent real estate solutions.

 Mission Statement

  • To provide decent and affordable real estate products in line with vision 2030 of aspiring for a decently housed nation in a suitable environment through efficient management to shareholders and stakeholders.


  • Your sure path to property ownership since 1995


  • Mtu ni Plot!!!

Core Values

  • Diligence
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Accountability

Our line of business

Individual client attention is a deep-seated aspect of the professional services offered by Ndatani Enterprises Company Ltd. Clients may face a number of similar issues; the most favorable solutions are not necessarily the same for each client.

Our clients vary from major staff of corporations, co-operatives and the general public.

We give full range of property services from selling, fencing, conveyance liaisons with land registry and approving authorities. We have consortiums to give the full range of building services from planning, survey. Design, construction, valuation and management of property

 Our Products

We aim to meet the shelter needs from the first steps of buying a plot for housing, investment or speculation. We then help with construction in phases or liquidation of the investment in several plots into a ready house. We have been involved in developments in Athi-River, Kitengela, Kangundo road and Embakasi in Nairobi and Bamburi in Mombasa.

We have both Commercial and residential titled plots that are variously serviced, controlled development, with 1/8 acre plots ranging from Kshs 595,000 and acre blocks ranging from Kshs 4,000,000 for groups and individuals depending on location and services.

We welcome clients to realize their dreams through investing in property through us, with some areas land value growing at over 30% per annum.


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