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Land, Lodging and Labour are the three things Pope Francis spoke of as sacred rights of every Kenyan during his just concluded visit.

Land-Ndatani offers land blocks of land from 1/8th of an acre to 1,000 acres across Kenya, with affordable terms of cash with discount, installments or arranged loan financing, starting Ksh 495,000 all inclusive cost per plot.

Lodging– We offer Low cost housing. How do we get it done? by giving low cost plots, then organise approval of building plans and arrange for building teams to facilitate the process.We have also teamed up with over 10 banks to give construction finance with the plot tittle as security.

Labour– We give low income people plots enabling them to get affordable shelter and they can also do agriculture.
We give employment to those involved in construction works.We give them works,shelter & food.

Emphasizing on the need for everyone to live in dignity or deserving the right to live in dignity, his message resonated well with what is now becoming the mantra of Ndatani Enterprises Company Limited.

We have always spoken of low cost housing against a backdrop of escalating living costs in the country. The surroundings or enviroment of our living quarters should also be taken into account, according to his message to Kenyans.

Alex Muema the company’s director, who is always passionate about low cost housing that equally dignifies the living standards of Kenyans also happens to be passionate about the enviroment and not only talks about it, but has proven to live it by so far having planted over 2000 trees in the year ending 2015.

Let us keep in mind the message to Kenyans by Pope Francis with regard to dignified living standards and the enviroment, let us take the first step to owning a plot today. Visit your first step to land ownership. MTU NI PLOT!!!

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